The People


He She They Them

He She They Them, a collection of gender pronouns, these are the words we all commonly use to define others. In this collection, I’m exploring both the imposed limitations and real world expansions of such gender definitions.


Lessons In Seeing

In life sessions, offered by many different hosts, there are models I draw regularly, and several I follow from place to place. These good, hard working people are professionals to the core, offering a diversity of poses and a range of physiques. Some work with narratives and all have a solid working knowledge of how skin and bone perform together. There are a much smaller number of models whom I work with privately. These beautiful souls, hour by hour, with their willingness to demonstrate the deeper truth that all our skeletons are merely temporary homes, teach me how to see beyond structures and into their unique and vulnerable beings.


Stranger Series

Sitting at a cafe, walking down a street, on a bus, attending a conference, leafing through random photographs that I or someone else has taken, a stranger catches my eye. Something about them moves me, and I want to look more closely.


Those I Know

Yes, friends, family, fellow artists -- people I know, my dearlings, those who were, once upon a time, strangers. All of them now seen more clearly and held even closer to my heart.